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The Cape York Peninsula, in Australia’s far north, supports heathlands, dune vegetation, savannah, rainforest, wetlands, and mangrove vegetation.


A third of Australia’s mammal species and half of the bird species are found in the Cape, but little is known about the region’s biodiversity or the impacts of climate change, land clearing, changed fire regimes, introduced predators, invasive plants and animals, and disease.


People For Wildlife has partnered with Louis Vuitton and the Apudthama Land Trust in the Cape to deliver conservation work across one million acres of Aboriginal freehold land. The Land Trust represents the Angkamuthi, Atampaya, and Gudang-Yadhakenu people.


The five-year project involves establishing a network of monitoring and survey sites to help determine trends in biodiversity health.

In addition, weed and feral animal control will also be implemented, and fire management that supports and builds on the work of the Apudthama Land and Sea Rangers.   

Since launching an ambitious sustainability roadmap in 2021, Louis Vuitton has put the environment front and centre of its business vision and shifted focus to the company’s total impact, as opposed to just product-level. 


Louis Vuitton is taking action to achieve positive impacts on entire ecosystems and has a target of supporting restoration of 12 million acres of flora and fauna habitat by 2030.

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