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People For The Injinoo Crocs!

This month People for Wildlife sponsored The Injinoo Crocs Rugby League Football team in The Dan Ropeyarn memorial tournament.

The NPA Sporting Carnival is an exciting time of year and this year People For Wildlife got fully involved by teaming up with The Apudthama Land Trust as key sponsors of The Injinoo Crocs. The tournament incorporates key teams from the Torres Strait Islands, Cape York and the Western Cape; this year there were more than 20 teams taking part and battling it out for the ultimate prize - The Dan Ropeyarn Memorial Cup!

Above: The Injinoo Crocs team.

Below: The People For Wildlife stand at the Bamaga Oval; Crocs Front Row player Ashton Striber shows off the Crocs colourful rugby strip; while Crocs supporters brightened up the ground in super yellow and red shirts.

Go The Crocs!!!


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