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Exciting new species discovery!

People For Wildlife have discovered a species of snake on the Apudthama Reserve at the tip of Queensland's Cape York that has not previously been identified this far north.

The Curl snake (Suta suta) is a venomous snake native to Australia, also known more commonly in Western Australia as the Myall snake.

The species can be found in all states and territories of Australia excluding Tasmania, but this is a first of its kind to be discovered in the Apudthama reserve! Naturally we are very excited by this discovery!

The conservation status of the Curl snake is considered secure in all states except Victoria where it is considered to be vulnerable. This species is a nocturnal forager and is threatened by the decline in ground cover across its habitats.

The Curl Snake derives its common name from the characteristic defensive posture it assumes when threatened - It curls up tightly into a spring-like coil. The defensive behaviour of a curl snake is usually a violent thrashing about.

Watch our video below of Dan with the curl snake in the Apudthama Reserve:


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